A little light and a little buzz

A little light and a little buzz

Divide your class into two groups: light and buzz and see (and hear) what happens!

Step 1

Divide the class in to two of groups: light and buzz.

Step 2

Tell the light group that they are to learn all they can about how to control the LDR.

Tell the buzz group to learn all they can about how to control the buzzer.

Tell both groups that in 30 minutes they will be teaching the other group about what they have mastered.

Step 3

Give everyone access to ThinkerShields, computers, the ThinkerShield Quick-start guide and possibly the web.

Give the groups 30 minutes to master control of their component and prepare a brief 3-5 minutes instructive lesson. Ask them to include a brief explanation about what the component is, what it does, how it could be useful and at least one piece of advice from.

Step 4

Have both groups teach each other about their respective components.

Then facilitate a brainstorm session on ways the components could be combined to produce different kinds of input and output devices.

Step 5

A little light and a little buzz!

Send the groups back to their stations to experiment with one or more of these light and buzz combination ideas. Students can continue to work as groups or break off into smaller groups, pairs, singles.

Step 6

Close the lesson by having everyone demonstrate their light and sound creations.

You may also like to show a few real-world examples of devices employing this kind of technology such as: light meters, light sensing flood lights, light and music generators, shop entry buzzers.

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