Thinking about STEAM? Think Thinkershield

Thinkershield for STEAM education

The ThinkerShield is a classroom-ready tool for STEM and STEAM education. Its ease of use, robust construction, accessible documentation and variety of onboard components make it a flexible choice for students and teachers to start experimenting and creating with professional-standard coding.
Start quick, start easy
Begin with simple activities to learn the basic coding skills and syntax, easily completing several activities in a single lesson.
Make real-life applications
Progress to more complex projects using all of the onboard components. Make real things that mimic real-life applications.
What if i try... ?
Encourage learners to experiment by integrating the ThinkerShield into all manner of creative projects across a range of subject areas. Add flashing, sensing and responding elements to everyday tasks and adventures.

What's on

Upcoming face-to-face and online teacher professional learning workshops, meet-ups and coding clubs.

Professional Learning

Physical computing is about building interactive systems using software and hardware to interact with the physical world. Our ThinkerShield professional learning workshops and online sessions for teachers provide practical, hands-on, NESA endorsed instruction on the creative possibilities of electronics and programming within the classroom. Wherever you are, we can provide a learning solution for you.

Teacher support

Got a question? LED not flashing? Need a lesson idea?

Please feel free to contact us and speak with one of our ThinkerShield education experts. They will be very happy to help.