Professional Learning

Professional Learning

Workshops, webinars and self-directed learning

Self-directed Learning
from $22 (for a ThinkerShield)
Availability: Any time
A great way to get started in the world of physical computing is to jump right in with the ThinkerShield. Download our free quick-start guide, get yourself a ThinkerShield (if you already have an Arduino board) or a ThinkerShield All-in-one Coding Kit, and get on with it!  

Being based on the massively popular Arduino board and programming language, it only takes an hour or two of self-directed learning to get a handle on the basics of Arduino coding and controlling the ThinkerShield. Answers to common questions can pretty much always be found with a quick web search or by visiting the official Arduino site. And, if you would like our help, try watching some of our video tutorials or just get in touch with our educator support team.  

So, if self-directed learning is your style — get on with it!
Teacher Professional Learning: Physical Computing
$320 per person
(includes ThinkerShield All-in-one Coding Kit)
10:00am — 4:00pm (5 hours)
Availability: Check upcoming dates
Keen to explore physical computing in your classroom? Perfect for beginners or teachers interested in introducing Arduino to their learners, this NESA endorsed teacher workshop provides an exciting hands-on approach to the creative possibilities of electronics and programming. Physical computing involves software and hardware interacting to produce effects in the real world, and can be a fantastic platform for PBL, science, technology, art and design projects. Begin by unpacking physical computing and computational thinking through modelled classroom-ready activities. Then, move on to the ThinkerShield, the Museum’s custom micro-controller, to learn the basics of the Arduino language. In the afternoon explore connections to your own curriculum or class group with help from our Learning Team.  
Each participant receives their own ThinkerShield All-in-one Coding Kit.  

Endorsed by NESA (BOSTES) for Proficient teacher standards 1.5.2, 2.1.2, 3.3.2, 3.4.2, and 6.3.2.