NSW Premier’s Coding Challenge – Diamond Award

NSW Premier’s Coding Challenge – Diamond Award

The NSW Premier’s Coding Challenge (PCC) is designed to support the delivery of the stage 4 Digital Technologies context within the new Technology Mandatory syllabus.

This page outlines everything you will need to help your learners achieve a Diamond award. This tutorial should take approximately 12 hours, over 4 weeks as learners work critically and creatively to create an invention. Inventing is made easiest when using the design process, as described below. Looking for inspiration? Check out the ThinkerShield inventions page.


Create an invention to meet a real world need in your school or community, and upload your invention here.

Design Process

Identifying and Defining

  • Identify and define real world problems that can solved or improved with the use of code. Develop criteria to evaluate design ideas

Researching and Planning

  • Research and plan how a problem can be solved with the code and resources available

Producing and Implementing

  • Produce and implement a working prototype. Plan and manage projects by managing time and resources effectively

Testing and Evaluating

  • Test and evaluate your prototype. Did the invention meet the developed criteria?


  • Share your prototype online and with your peers

Syllabus Links

Below are the syllabus outcomes and content that can link to this tutorial.


  • TE4-1DP designs, communicates and evaluates innovative ideas and creative solutions to authentic problems or opportunities
  • TE4-2DP plans and manages the production of designed solutions
  • TE4-4DP designs algorithms for digital solutions and implements them in a general-purpose programming language 


  • Develop criteria to evaluate design ideas, processes and solutions, the functionality, aesthetics and a range of constraints, eg accessibility, cultural, economic, resources, safety, social, sustainability, technical (ACTDEP038, ACTDIP027, ACTDIP031) DT ST
  • plan and manage projects individually and collaboratively (ACTDEP039)
  • implement and modify programs involving branching, iteration and functions in a general-purpose programming language, for example: (ACTDIP030) CT
    • microcontroller
    • robotics
    • app development
  • implement a functioning user interface, for example: (ACTDIP030)
    • indicator LEDs on a microcontroller
    • website
    • game
  • model objects or events using structured data, for example: (ACTDIP026)
    • the properties of characters and objects in a game
  • evaluate how student solutions address defined functional requirements and constraints (ACTDIP031)
  • identify social, ethical and cyber security considerations of digital solutions, for example:
    • copyright and intellectual property
    • cultural considerations, eg Indigenous cultural and intellectual property
    • accessibility
    • privacy issues and digital footprints

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