Western Sydney Coding Club

Western Sydney Coding Club

The Western Sydney Coding Club (WSCC) is an initiative to support learners and teachers in Western Sydney with creative STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) learning in the classroom.

All schools welcome to join the Western Sydney Coding Club. Eligible schools in Western Sydney may receive free teacher professional learning and classroom resources, including the MAAS ThinkerShield School Set; the simplest and most reliable way to get started with physical computing.

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  1. We (Nagle College) would like to receive free MAAS ThinkerShield School Set. The set would be used during our STEM club activities, STEM lessons and could be used in Stage 4 technology class as a key topic. We would like to start with a class kit and assess how it works in stage 5 STEM or Y9IST class.

  2. I would like to have a free set for science club at our school, if possible.

  3. We (Randwick Boys’ High School) would love to explore the possibilities using the MAAS Thinker Shield. But to do that, we would require a School Set. The set would be a valuable resource to our students at every stage 4-6. We may even start on a STEM project, the possibilities are endless!!

    • Hi Anupreet,
      We agree, the possibilities are endless with ThinkerShield! Please email thinkershield@maas.museum with your details and we will be in touch.